Sharon Bottner is intensely gifted and we were lucky to find her. We have a modest (1800 Sq ft) part-contemporary/part traditional home; in essence, a nightmare to choose wall colors, furniture layout and accessories for. We tried for decades; wasting time and money. Sharon saved us.

With Sharon’s help over the last 6 years, we have redone many rooms in our home (exterior, too)… slowly, steadily. We learned to not make one single decision – even minor ones – without Sharon’s advice and approval. (And I have heard that is the general consensus when I’ve spoken with other clients of hers.) She knows exactly what colors, furniture and accessories can do for the functionality and ambiance of a room – no matter what its limitations. In addition to her extraordinary talent and experience, Sharon brings honesty and integrity while informing us on what “works” vs. not in each space. She managed small jobs for us (wall colors, window treatments, furniture purchases) and large jobs (living room, bedrooms, master baths, kitchen) with professionalism, and perfectionism. We love that her work is always a reflection of both her passion and her high standards. So the job gets done right and on time. Sharon has professional connections (contractors, seamstress, electricians, etc.) with similar outstanding abilities, professionalism, expectations; so she brings that advantage as well.

Because of Sharon, we call our home “The Little Engine That Could” because we started with less than ideal, odd-shaped rooms + limited budgets…. thus, seemingly doomed to fail. But Sharon turned our “nothing special” house into a warm – highly functional – and inviting home that we absolutely adore. Every person who walks through our front door is stunned; and when we are away for work or vacations, it rents effortlessly. Though not the initial intent, we have also increased the equity in our home immensely. We highly recommend Sharon, without hesitation.