TBC, Newburyport, MA

“Sharon took the vision that I described to her for my living room – neutral sofas, strong accents of orange and teal, a more updated upscale feel, a Moroccan theme – and helped to make it a reality. The result is exactly what I had hoped for! Despite my initial clear vision, I had a very hard time staying on track as I was shopping. It was Sharon who patiently reminded me of what I had said I wanted as I repeatedly veered off track and off theme. I really think I would have completely messed up if she hadn’t redirected me time and again. In addition, she had tons of ideas about how to connect adjoining rooms through color, texture and theme – further enhancing my initial idea. She helped me to reupholster and reconfigure so I could incorporate some of the pieces I already had. Her enthusiasm for the project was boundless: at one point she pulled her car off the road while I was on the phone to look through her color chart and help me with a last-minute wall color selection (a vibrant orange shade that I love). She also gave me great advice about when to splurge for higher end items, and when it was okay to be more budget conscious. Plus – and perhaps most importantly – she was a ton of fun to work with!”